Partners in Parkinson's heads to Tampa to provide a full day of educational seminars and panel discussions. Dr. Dean P. Sutherland will be a presenter at the conference, providing information about what to expect and how to be prepared for your doctor's appointment. There's no one better to hear this information from! He sees more Parkinson's patients than any doctor in the region!

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Much research has been done on the relationship between specialization, high volume  treatment and improved patient outcomes. This research shows that doctors with the most experience in treating your condition tend to have the best results. Dr. Dean P. Sutherland, MD, PhD at the Southeastern Center for Parkinson Disease and Sarasota Memorial Health Care System treats more patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease annually than any other doctor in America according to records released by Medicare and insurance company data compiled by between 2012-2015. Patients with Parkinson’s Disease deserve experienced, innovative and compassionate care. Support Dr. Sutherland’s Parkinson work at or call 941-926-6413 for more information.